An auto-responder is a predefined e-mail, which is sent automatically as an answer to each and every email received inside a mailbox with this feature activated. The two most common instances for employing this function are automatic e-mails that one is temporarily away from the office or that an order has been received successfully. An auto-responder could also be used as a standard verification that an e-mail is received successfully, which may be something very important in enterprise e-mail correspondence. The message which is delivered can be more or less anything and could be changed with respect to the circumstances and exactly what the auto-responder will be used for. As the feature is activated server-side, there isn’t anything you are expected to do by hand and you don't need an e-mail application to be enabled constantly for the automatic reply to be delivered to the individual sending you an email.
Auto-responder Emails in Shared Hosting
It is possible to create an auto-responder message for any of your mailboxes with only 2 clicks with every single shared hosting package that our company offers. All that you will have to do will be to navigate to the Emails part of your Hepsia Hosting Control Panel, choose the auto-responder icon for a particular e-mail, enter the message inside the box that will pop up and save the changes. If you want to change or remove a message, you will have to go through the exact same steps. The Emails section will enable you to find which mail accounts have an auto-responder feature, so that you can effortlessly keep an eye on what's going on with your emails. You may also activate or deactivate the feature for multiple mailboxes at the same time.