The Website Installer located in our come2buy web hosting Website Control Panel offers a quick and easy method to start a completely new web site with a custom appearance in under a few min’s. It merely requires simply 4 easy steps for your brand new web site to be on the web. You’re able to choose from more than 200 customizable web themes and just as soon as it’s ready, you are able to control your web site very easily. We’ll give you sign–in information for the admin area and you should be able to begin introducing completely new pages instantly. In case, at any time, you need guidance – come2buy web hosting’s computer representatives are readily available 24x7, all set to work with you.

The Website Installer is accessible with every Linux shared packages package coming with the come2buy web hosting Website Control Panel.

An easy–to–navigate Webpage Installation Tool

Publishing a website is as simple as 1–2–3

Establishing a site completely from scratch can be very hard if you don’t possess at least a fundamental grade of CSS and HTML expertise. You need to know something PHP and JavaScript as well. Using our Website Installer, it is not necessary to have any programming skills to start a customizable site. You can pick among over 200 web templates and easily change the picked theme according to your preferences with no need to compose any code in the background.

If you don’t like the end result – return and start out once more. It requires just four easy steps, and by the time you arrive at step four – you’ll have your brand–new site installed and ready to go.

Easy-to-use Website Installer

Over 200 Web–site Templates

Over two hundred web–site templates can be found

We’ve made over two hundred distinct web templates that can be used to your websites. As we haven’t released all these themes away from our own Website Control Panel, only the clients are able to take full advantage of them. The templates are thoroughly intended to match a myriad of sites – from individual weblogs and portfolio sites to online stores and photograph libraries.

We’re consistently focusing on issuing new themes as well.

200+ Free Templates

24/7/365 Technical Support

The website hosting support members are on duty 24 hours a day

Our technical support staff comprises of engineers who have worked well many years in the web hosting industry. They’re qualified to take care of all types of issues and are available 24x7x365, ready to guide you. Added to that, we have FAQ and many video tutorials.

Furthermore, we provide a one–hour reply–back time guarantee, which means you’ll get a reply to your question right away. The regular reaction time period is less than 20 min’s.

24/7 Support